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Caribbean Pools and Landscape, LLC

is proud to be a member of the following associations...

Pool and Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA)
Formerly The Association Of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP)
And the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPI)


The Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA) is the world’s oldest and largest association representing swimming pool, spa, and hot tub manufacturers, manufacturers’ agents, builders, designers, distributors, suppliers, installers, retailers, and service technicians. For more than half a century, PHTA has been serving members and the public with critical industry knowledge that ranges from sound regulatory practice to industry trends and consumer attitudes. Since 1983, PHTA is the only industry organization accredited by the American National Standards Institute as the recognized Standards Development Organization to promote and develop the nation’s standards for swimming pools and hot tubs.


PHTA enhances the business success of its member professionals and ensures consumer safety through:


  • Adherence to the PHTA Code of Ethics.

  • Education and PHTA Certification of pool and spa professionals.

  • Authoritative leadership in Standards writing.

  • Regulatory and legislative representation.

  • A shared commitment to professional, reliable service, and consumer education and public safety.

  • PHTA members lead the industry in knowledge, skill, ethical service, and competitive business practices.

For more information

BBB – “Better Business Bureau”

The BBB is a private, non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and foster the highest ethical standards between companies and their customers in the areas of:


  • Dependable Service

  • Honesty In Advertising

  • Honest Business Practices

  • Reliable Complaint Handling Procedures

Examples of services provided by the BBB are Business Reliability Reports, Dispute Resolution, Truth-in-Advertising, Consumer and Business Education and Charity Review.


To be a member of the BBB, an applicant must:


  • Be invited to apply for membership by a staff person or Director of the Bureau.

  • Be actively engaged in business, in the BBB's service area, for no less than 6 months.

  • Supply background information about the company, its principals or other information deemed essential to the BBB.

  • Cooperate with the BBB's activities and efforts to promote voluntary self-regulation within the business industry.

  • Adhere to established BBB standards of advertising and selling, including the Code of Online Business Practices for online businesses that apply for the BBB On Line Reliability logo, and cooperate with the BBB in matters relating thereto.

  • Promptly respond to any and all complaints forwarded by the BBB, and make good faith efforts to resolve all such complaints in accordance with generally accepted good business practices.

  • Comply with any decisions rendered through the Bureau's or an alternative provider's binding arbitration program.

  • Eliminate the underlying causes of patterns of consumer complaints that the BBB may call to the company's attention

  • Be free from an unsatisfactory report at the BBB in whose service area the company is headquartered.

  • Be free from any governmental action concerning the marketplace and its customers that demonstrates a significant failure of the company to support the principals and purposes of the BBB.

  • Support the principles and purposes of the BBB and not engage in any activity that reflects unfavorably on the BBB and its members.

  • Refrain from using the name or logo of the BBB for commercial, sales or advertising purposes in any manner not specifically authorized in writing by the BBB.

  • Promptly notify the Bureau of any changes in ownership, licensing status, addresses, telephone numbers, web site and any other information deemed necessary by the Bureau.

  • Fulfill all licensing and bonding requirements of applicable city, county, state and federal agencies and authorities, and provide license numbers upon application for BBB membership and provide periodic updates on request of the BBB.


Businesses earning the right to be included in this organization have a strong reputation of taking care of their customers.


More information at: Better Business Bureau

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