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 5 Main Stages of Pool Construction 

Stage 3: Masonry
  • Tile and coping - Waterline tile will be installed around the top edge of the pool shell. It is set relative to the designated water level when the pool is full.  Coping is the term used to identify the stone or concrete material used to cap the pool shell wall.  This stage may be much simpler if the edge of the pool is a cantilevered extension of the deck instead of individual coping stones which must be set one at a time. If the deck is cantilevered, then the order in which waterline tile is installed will be different because the deck must be in place prior to setting tile.

  • Decking - Pool decking may be poured concrete with special finishes which involve building forms that set the edges of paving and the cantilevered edge of the pool. If the deck is to receive tile or stone veneer, the slab will be set lower so that the addition of veneer brings it up to finish grade. With both techniques, this is when expansion joints and trench drains are set to ensure proper drainage.

  • Plaster - The main factor in selecting a plaster finish is actually deciding what watercolor you desire. Once all the materials are cured, then it's time to plaster the pool. Plastering is a labor intensive process that takes a day. The plaster not only gives the pool it's water retention ability but also provides a finished look and feel. Then the pool is filled with a garden hose. It is extremely crucial that you do not turn off the water for any length of time until it has reached the mid-point of the waterline tile. If it is stopped before that point, it will leave a ring in the plaster which is almost impossible to remove.

Stage 4: Start Up

As soon as the water reaches mid-point of the waterline tile we will start up the pool mechanical systems to ensure they are functional, then make any adjustments before turning the operation over to the homeowner or their pool care company.

Stage 5: Finish Work

If your pool includes special features, landscaping, or any additional unfinished work we will work with you to create a punch list for these items and they will receive our prompt attention.

Due to the possible damage to fresh plaster and the chemicals that we will be adding to the water at this point. We ask that you DO NOT allow anyone to enter the pool until we have given you the go ahead.

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